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WiSSAP 2012

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The theme of WiSSAP-2012 was Compuatational Auditory Scene Analysis (CASA). CASA is the study of auditory scene analysis by computational means. The motivation is the mechanism involved in the auditory streaming occuring in perception of a mixture of sound. This problem is also referred to as the 'Cocktail party problem', in which we are very well able to separate out the auditory stream of the speaker of interest from the mixture of sound being impinged on our ear. In essence, CASA systems are "machine listening" systems that aim to separate mixtures of sound sources in the same way that human listeners do. CASA differs from the field of blind signal separation in that it is (at least to some extent) based on the mechanisms of the human auditory system, and thus uses no more than two microphone recordings of an acoustic environment. The talks will focus on current span of CASA and the advancement over the past two decades based on the perceptual and neural processing research for the mechanisms involved in auditory streaming. The tutorials will set the background for invited speakers' talks by providing the required applied mathematical background. More on the present theme of WiSSAP and additional resources click here.

About WiSSAP

WiSSAP-Winter School on Speech and Audio Processing provides a forum for students, researchers and professionals to enhance their background and get exposed to intricate research areas in the field of speech and audio signal processing. The schools constitute of a theme topic and tutorials surrounding it. WiSSAP-12 is the seventh one in the series, following the very successful earlier winter schools: WiSSAP-06, WiSSAP-07, WiSSAP-08, WiSSAP-09 and WiSSAP-10, WiSSAP-11 focusing on different topics in speech and audio processing. To know about previous WiSSAPs click on the follwing links: WiSSAP-06, WiSSAP-07, WiSSAP-08, WiSSAP-09, WiSSAP-10. and WiSSAP-11.    

WiSSAP-2012 is being organized by Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore.
The school will be held at the Faculty Hall, IISc Main Building, IISc Bangalore during January 6th-9th, 2012.


Sponsors List

Invited Speakers :

Martin Cooke Martin Cooke
Language and Speech Laboratory at Universidad del PaĆ­s Vasco/EHU Victoria, Spain more....
De Liang WangDe Liang Wang
The Ohio State University (OSU), USA more....
P. W. EllisDaniel P. W. Ellis
LabROSA, Columbia University, USA more....
V. RamasubramanianV. Ramasubramanian
Siemens CT T IN, Bangalore, India more....
Bhiskha Raj Bhiksha Raj
Language Technologies Institute, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), USA more....
Gautham J.MysoreGautham J.Mysore
Research Scientist, Adobe Advanced Technology Labs, San Fransico more....
Harshavardhan S.Harshavardhan S
PhD Student, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India more....

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