For Graduate Students

As a graduate student and researcher, one needs to present one's work to the scientific community. This presentation can be in terms of an article, or an oral presentation. Please find below a number of links that advise on improving writing and presentation skills.

Academic Writing

For preparing professional quality papers/reports in science, LaTeX is one of the most commonly used tool. There are a variety of editors that make writing in LaTeX easier. I personally use TeXnicCenter. Various researchers recommend LyX because it flattens the LaTeX learning curve significantly. Please find below a list of web resources to help you get started.

Beamer is a tool to create presentations in LaTeX.

PGF/TikZ is one of the powerful tools to create graphics in LaTeX. You need to write simple code to create graphics and it doesn't have a graphical interface. However, the code is highly re-usable.

Git is a distributed version control system.