Short Bio

Parimal Parag is currently an assistant professor in department of electrical communication engineering at Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore. He is also a member of the applied probability research group, and faculty participant at Robert Bosch center for cyber-physical systems. He was working as senior systems engineer in R&D at ASSIA Inc. from October 2011 to November 2014. He received his B. Tech. and M. Tech. degrees from Indian Institute of Technology Madras in fall 2004; and the PhD degree from Texas A&M University in fall 2011. He was at Stanford University and Los Alamos National Laboratory, in autumn of 2010 and summer of 2007, respectively.

He conducts research in network theory, applied probability, optimization methods, and in their applications to distributed systems. His previous work includes performance evaluation, monitoring, and control of large broadband communication systems and networks. His other research interests lie in the areas of game theory, statistical signal processing, queueing theory, information theory, estimation & detection theory, combinatorics, and probability theory.

Curriculum Vitae

Professional Service


  • Workshop chair: ITS, COMSNETS 2018

  • Publication chair: SPCOM 2018

  • TPC member: MobiHoc 2018

  • Posters & Demo chair: MobiHoc 2018


  • Workshop chair: ACM Mobihoc 2017

  • TPC member: COMSNETS 2017, NCC 2017, MobiHoc 2017


  • TPC chair: IEEE ANTS 2016

  • TPC member: SPCOM 2016, COMSNETS 2016, NCC 2016

  • Website: SPCOM 2016, JTG 2016


  • TPC member: COMSNETS 2015, NCC 2015

  • Website: JTG 2015