NE-327: Nanoelectronics Device Fabrication and Characterization  (3:1)

E3-327: Nanoelectronics Device Fabrication and Characterization  (3:0)

(August 2012)

Course Instructors : Navakanta Bhat, S. A. Shivashankar, K. N. Bhat

Lab Instructors: Lab Staff

Lecture Schedule : Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00am-10:00am in EC 1.08

Lab Schedule : Tuesday - Thursday , 2:00pm - 6:00pm


Reference books for Device Physics

“Fundamentals of Modern VLSI Devices” by Taur and Ning, Cambridge University Press

“Solid State Electronic Devices” by Streetman and Banerjee

“Fundamentals of Electronic Devices” by Achutan and Bhat, McGraw Hill

"MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) Physics and Technology" by E.H. Nicollian and J.R.Brews, Wiley Publishers.


Reference books for Semiconductor Process Technology and Characterization

“Silicon VLSI Technology” by Plummer, Deal, and Griffin

“ULSI Technology” by S. M. Sze, McGraw Hill

“Encyclopedia of Materials Characterization” Edited by Brundle, Evans, Wilson, Elsevier


Recent papers from journals and conferences

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Lecture material and related documents for download 


Practice Problems

(Solving these problems will help you answer questions in quiz and test)


Lecture 1 : Introduction

Slides for Lecture 1   

IISc Journal :  Review paper on Nanoelectronics

Physics News :   Nanoelectronics an Overview


Lecture 2 : Constant Electric Filed Scaling theory, Generalized scaling, Non scaling factors

Slides for Lecture 2    


Dennard’s Scaling Theory Paper IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, Vol. 9 (October 1974) pp. 256-268


Special Issue of SSCS news letter on Impact of Dennard’s scaling theory (Read through several interesting articles from Page 11)


Fowler Nordheim Tunneling


Direct Tunneling Model


Review paper on High-k  


Meatl gate review paper 


FUSI review paper


CMOS Scaling and Process Flow  


IEDM Proceedings papers on representative CMOS Technologies


Intel 180nm CMOS


Intel 130nm CMOS


Intel 90nm CMOS


Intel 65nm CMOS


Intel 45nm CMOS


Intel 32nm CMOS


Extraction of Dit from CV  


Solutions for Quiz papers


Quiz 1 Solution1


Quiz 2 Solution1


Quiz 3 Solution1


Quiz 4 Solution1


Quiz 5 Solution1