Date Presentation Topic Presenter
10/01/2016 Resource Allocation in OFDMA Cellular NetworksChethan
16/01/2016 Part1. PAC bound for group testing. Part2. SSR for OFDM channel estimation: implementation in SDRMonika
23/01/2016 Online Sparse Bayesian Learning using Stochastic ApproximationGeethu
30/01/2016 Techniques for bounding minimax risk: the Le Cam and Fano methodsLekshmi
27/02/2016 On Optimal Power Control Polices for MultiHop Energy Harvesting linksMohit
14/03/2016 Distributed Co-Phasing with Unequal Error Protection This is a pptx file, please change the extension after downloading Ribhu
19/03/2016 Deterministic dictionaries for sparse representation: Construction and ApplicationsRamu
26/03/2016 Downlink Sum-Rate Maximization for MU & SU TDD Massive MIMO systems: An MM ApproachSai Thoota
02/04/2016 Sufficient conditions for sparse support recovery in M-SBLSaurabh
09/04/2016 Extended Source Localization Using Variational MethodsShilpa
16/04/2016 Algorithms for Optimal Fixed-Rate Routing and Power Allocation for Multi-Hop D2D CommunicationSireesha
23/04/2016 Implementation and performance comparison of SSR algorithms for channel estimation in OFDM systems using SDRAshok
14/05/2016 Resource Allocation in OFDMA Cellular Networks: An Iterative Reweighted Minimzation FrameworkChethan
22/05/2016 Sparse Bayesian Learning via Approximate Message PassingChandra
04/06/2016 Probabilistic Sparse Recovery: Approximate Message Passing AlgorithmGeethu
18/06/2016 1.Approximate Set Identification: PAC Analysis for Group Testing. 2.SSR based OFDM Channel Estimation Techniques: Implementation in SDRMonika
25/06/2016 Extreme Compressive Sampling for Covariance EstimationLekshmi
09/07/2016 Optimal Transmit Power Control Policies for Device-to-device Networks with Energy HarvestingMohit
16/07/2016 A remark on binary sensing matrices: Simple construction of Euler Squares using finite field theoryRamu
23/07/2016 Channel Aging in Massive MIMO systemsRibhu
06/08/2016 Limited Feedback Hybrid Precoding for Multi-User Millimeter Wave Systems, IEEE TWC, Nov 2015Sai Thoota
20/08/2016 Optimal Routing, Power Allocation and Link Activation for Multi-hop D2D CommunicationSireesha
27/08/2016 Renyi Divergence based Covariance Matching Algorithm for Joint Sparse Signal RecoverySaurabh
10/09/2016 Sparse Signal Recovery(SSR) Based Algorithms for Data Decoding in Media Based ModulationAshok
24/09/2016 Optimal Engery-Efficient Regular Delivery of Packets in Cyber-physical SystemsBalaprasad
8/10/2016 Resource Allocation Under Channel Uncertainties for Relay-Aided Device-to-Device Communication Underlaying LTE-A Cellular NetworksChethan
01/10/2016 Extreme compressive sampling for covariance estimationChandra
22/10/2016 A Bayesian Approach for Online Recovery of Streaming Signals from Compressive MeasurementsGeethu
29/10/2016 Support Recovery from Covariance Information using Non-Negative Quadratic ProgrammingLekshmi
05/11/2016 Through-optimal Power Control Policies for Uncoordinated Energy Harvesting LinksMohit
19/11/2016 Multistream Distributed Co-Phasing (Please mail Ribhu if you need these slides.)Ribhu
26/11/2016 Construction of Unimodular tight frames via Majorization-Minimization methodsRamu
03/12/2016 Structured Sparse Signal Recovery Algorithm for Finite Constellation Symbol Decoding in Communication SystemsAshok
10/12/2016 Solving linear inverse problems in finite-fieldsSaurabh
17/12/2016 Optimal Determination of Source-Destination Connectivity in Random NetworksSireesha
24/12/2016 Scheduling an Energy Harvesting NetworkBalaprasad
31/12/2016 Content-Centric Sparse Multicast Beamforming for Cache-Enabled Cloud RANSai Thoota

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