Ph.D. Alumni from the SPC Lab, ECE Dept., IISc Bangalore

Saurabh Khanna
E-mail: x@y where x =sakhanna and y =
Research Focus: Theory and algorithms for Bayesian recovery of joint sparse signals.
Mohit K. Sharma
E-mail: x@y where x = mohit.sharma987 and y =
Research Focus: Power management for energy harvesting sensors.
Venugopalakrishna Y. R.
E-mail: x@y where x = vgkrishnayr and y =
Research Focus: Compressive sensing applied to cognitive radio
Abhay Sharma
E-mail: x@y where x = abhay.bits and y =
Research Focus: Finding a subset of healthy individuals from a large population: fundamental limits and efficient algorithms
Currently at: Qualcomm Inc., Bangalore
Parthajit Mohapatra
E-mail: x@y where x = parthajitmohapatra and y =
Research Focus: Fundamental Limits of Communication in Interference Limited Environments
Currently at: SUTD, Singapore
Ranjitha Prasad
E-mail: x@y where x = ranjitha.p and y =
Research Focus: Sparse Bayesian Learning for Joint Channel Estimation and Data Detection in OFDM Systems
Currently at: NTU, Singapore
Sanjeev Gopinath
E-mail: x@y where x = sanju83 and y =
Research Focus: Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Cognitive Radio Applications
Currently at: CMRIT, Bangalore
Ganesan T
Ph.D. Student
E-mail: x@y where x = gana and y =
Research Focus: Code design for MIMO; source coding
Currently at: Texas Instruments, Bangalore
Bharath Bettagere
E-mail: x@y where x = bharathbettagere and y =
Research Focus: Training sequence design for MIMO
Currently at: PESIT, Bangalore

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