TIME: 24th July 2014, 6.00-7.30 PM




At the end of the Mahabharata war, the great sage Veda Vyasa proposed king Yudhisthira to perform the Ashwamedhayajna (sacrifice) to counter-act the deep-seated gloom and dejection in their mind from the long war. In this sacrifice, a ceremonial horse was released to wander across the country for an year, and Yudhisthira's brother Arjuna led the Pandava army, following the horse. When the horse enters any kingdom, the other kings either pay homage to the king who sent the horse, or they stop the horse and challenge the army sent by the king. If the horse circles the earth, the Yajna is complete. The horse enters the kingdom of Champakavati, ruled by the King Hamsadhwaja. The king, a great devotee of Krishna, was pleased that he would get the opportunity to invite Krishna to his kingdom. Hamsadhwaja sends word to his brave son Sudhanva to capture the horse and the battle commences. Sudhanva fights great warriors like Vrushaketu, Krishna’s son Pradyumna and others and emerges victorious.

Then Arjuna himself decides to fight. A fierce battle ensues between them and Arjuna loses. The defeated Arjuna thinks of Krishna as he always does and Krishna appears before him. Krishna says that Sudhanva is his ardent devotee and he cannot give him an inglorious defeat and death. However, he says that Sudhanva’s good deeds are not enough to gain him mukti (salvation). So he imparts some of his own goodness to him and finally grants him mukti, while at the same time, being Arjuna’s protector. 


 Artists: Yakshasiri (Reg.) Bengaluru

Himmela: Ravindra Bhat, A.P.Pathak, Srinivas Prabhu

Mummela: Geeta Hegde, Mayuri Upadhyaya, Niharika Bhat, Manjushree Hegde, Gopalkrishna Hegde, Ashwini Hegde