Instructions for the presenter of plenary talk, invited talk, contributed talk, and poster papers are provided here

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 Paper ID Paper Title Authors


 Sparse Signal/Low Rank Matrix Recovery 23/7/14, 9-10.30am, JNT 


 9.00-9.25  1569960229  Relevance Singular Vector Machine for Low-­rank Matrix Sensing  Martin Sundin; Saikat Chatterjee; Magnus Jansson; Cristian Rojas
 9.25-9.50  1569970707 Non-Convex Sparse Estimation for Signal Processing   David Wipf
9.50-10.10 1569893825  PCA-HDR: A Robust PCA Based Solution to HDR Imaging  Adit Bhardwaj; Shanmuganathan Raman
10.10-10.30 1569899347  Sparse Representation Based Tracking of Frequency Hopping Primary User for Cognitive Radio  Kukil Khanikar; Rohit Sinha; Ratnajit Bhattacharjee


Speech Processing/Speaker Recognition 23/7/14, 9.00-10.30am, Hall A


9.00-9.25 1569970887 Building Speech Recognition Systems for Low-Resource Languages Umesh S
9.25-9.45 1569905429 Exploration of MFCC Based ABWE for Robust Children's Speech Recognition Under Mismatched Condition Sunil Y; Rohit Sinha
9.45-10.05 1569888385 Exploring HLDA Based Transformation for Reducing Acoustic Mismatch in Context of Children Speech Recognition

Hemant Kathania; Syed Shahnawazuddin; Rohit Sinha

10.05-10.25 1569900251 The Relevance of NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluations Asha T; Hema A Murthy


Performance Studies 23/7/14, 9.00-10.30am, Hall B


9.00-9.25 1569960979 Performance Analysis for Spectrum Sharing Asynchronous Cognitive Radio Networks with Different Frame Length Chulhee Jang, Jae Hong Lee


1569960765 Performance Analysis of Max-Min Path Selection Scheme in Multi-Hop DF Cooperative System Over Nakagami-m Channels Manav Bhatnagar
9.50-10.10 1569900107 Analytical Evaluation of Post Processing SIR for Spatial Diversity Modes in Cellular Systems Priyabrata Parida; Suvra Sekhar Das
10.10-10.30 1569893037 Performance of Selection Schemes in a Symbiotic Dynamic Spectrum Access System Dileep Kumar Verma; Shankar Prakriya


Optical Communications 23/7/14, 9.00-10.30am, Hall C


9.00-9.25 1569970709  Optical Signal Processing for High-Speed Optical Communication Deepa Venkitesh 
 9.25-9.45 1569892331  Low Power Terabit /Second Optical Interconnects for Data Centers Nandakumar Nambath; Shalabh Gupta 
 9.45-10.05 1569900135  SEP of Dual-Ring Star-QAM Over FSO Channels with Atmospheric Turbulence Arindam Ghosh; Gourab Ghatak; Aniruddha Chandra
 10.05-10.25 1569889047   Performance Analysis of Spatially Multiplexed MIMO-OFDM Free Space Optical Communication System Manish Sharma; Devi Chadha; Vinod Chandra


Coffee Break, 23/7/14, 10.30-11.00am


Coding for Distributed Storage 23/7/14, 11.00am - 12.55pm, JNT



1569960445 Constructions of Fractional Repetition Codes From Combinatorial Designs Aditya Ramamoorthy
11.25-11.50 1569962493 On the Channel Induced by Sneak-Path Errors in Memristor Arrays Yuval Cassuto; Shahar Kvatinsky; Eitan Yaakobi
11.50-12.15 1569961259 Applications of Quasi-uniform Codes to Storage Eldho Thomas; Frederique Oggier
12.15-12.35 1569899667 On Optimal Embeddings for Distributed Computation of Arbitrary Functions Pooja Vyavahare; Akhil Shetty
12.35-12.55 1569888929 QoE Improvement in Telecom Networks Using Dynamic Preload Based Content Caching Anand Chiddarwar; Midhun K


Security, 23/7/2014, 11.00am-12.55pm, Hall A


11.00-11.25 1569959207 On Communication Requirements for Secure Computation Vinod M Prabhakaran
11.25-11.50 1569961171 Attribute Based Access Control in Clouds: A Survey Sushmita Ruj
11.50-12.15 1569960467 A Rate-Distortion Perspective on Local and Average Privacy Anand D. Sarwate; Lalitha Sankar
12.15-12.35 1569891039 Artificial Noise Revisited: When Eve Has More Antennas Than Alice Shuiyin Liu; Yi Hong; Emanuele Viterbo
12.35-12.55 1569891933 Sum Secrecy Rate in Multicarrier DF Relay Beamforming Sanjay Vishwakarma; A. Chockalingam


Multiuser systems 23/7/14, 11.00am - 12.55pm, Hall B



1569887727 Cloud Radios with Limited Feedback Kiran Kuchi
11.25-11.50 1569960897 Capacity Region of Block Fading MAC with Individual CSI Bikash K Dey
11.50-12.15 1569960087 Outage Analysis of a Max-Based Scheduling in Delay-Constraint Applications with Quantized CSI Kritsada Mamat; Wiroonsak Santipach
12.15-12.35 1569899723 Combining Pre- And Post-Processing with Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding in Downlink MU-MIMO with Each User Having Arbitrary Number of Antennas Nanda Kishore Chavali; Umapathi Reddy;Kiran Kuchi
12.35-12.55 1569889571 Two-way MIMO DF Relaying for Non-Simultaneous Traffic in Cellular Systems Rohit Budhiraja; Bhaskar Ramamurthi


Speech Signal Processing 23/7/14, 11.00am - 1.00pm, Hall C


 11.00-11.20 1569899267 Sparse Representation Based Approach to Artificial Bandwidth Extension of Speech  Sunil Y; Rohit Sinha 
 11.20-11.40 1569900011  Significance of Glottal Activity Detection and Glottal Signature for Text Dependent Speaker Verification Ramesh K; S. R. Mahadeva Prasanna;Rohan Kumar Das 
 11.40-12.00 1569894679 Improved Vowel Onset and Offset Points Detection Using Bessel Features  Biswajit Dev Sarma; Supreeth Prajwal S; S. R. Mahadeva Prasanna 
 12.00-12.20 1569893999 Epoch Extraction From Allpass Residual Estimated Using Orthogonal Matching Pursuit  Karthika Vijayan; Sri Rama Murty Kodukula 
 12.20-12.40 1569888999 Automatic Speech Polarity Detection Using Phase Information From Complex Analytic Signal Representations  Govind D; Anju Susan Biju; Aguthu Smily 
12.40-13.00  1569899131 A Fast Algorithm for Speech Polarity Detection Using Long-Term Linear Prediction  Abhiram Bhanuprakash; Prathosh Prasad;Ramakrishnan G A 


Lunch, 23/7/14, 1.00-2.30pm



Plenary 23/07/14, 2.30 -3.30pm: JNT: Kumar Sivarajan, Tejas Networks



Coffee Break, 23/7/14, 3.30-4.00pm


Poster Session 1: 23/7/14, 4.00 - 5.30pm


  1569893685 A Bacterial Foraging Optimization and Learning Automata Based Feature Selection for Motor Imagery EEG Classification Monalisa Pal; Saugat Bhattacharyya;Shounak Roy; Konar Amit; Dewaki Nandan Tibarewala; Janarthanan R 
    1569899681   Cognitive State Classification Using Transformed fMRI Data  Hariharan Ramasangu; Neelam Sinha 
  1569893581 Sub-segmental, Segmental and Supra-segmental Analysis of Linear Prediction Residual Signal for Language Identification   Dipanjan Nandi; Debadatta Pati; Sreenivasa Rao
  1569891409 Reference and Automatic Marking of Glottal Opening Instants Using EGG Signal  Deepak Thotappa; S. R. Mahadeva Prasanna 
  1569899715 Query Word Retrieval From Continuous Speech Using GMM Posteriorgrams  Raghavendra Reddy Pappagari; Kallola Rout; Sri Rama Murty Kodukula 
  1569896503 Design and Analysis of a Microwave Band Reject Filter Using a Double Magic Tee  Taraprasad Chattopadhyay; Prosenjit Bhattacharyya; Sreemoyee Dutta Majumder;Bhaskar Jyoti Mondal 
  1569894155 Implementation of an Improved Connected Component Labeling Algorithm Using FPGA-Based Platform   Jai Gopal Pandey; Abhijit Karmakar; Amit Kumar Mishra; Chandra Shekhar; S Gurunarayanan
  1569900215 A Novel LBP Based Operator for Tone Mapping HDR Images  Aishwarya Agrawal; Shanmuganathan Raman 
    1569894153   Image Super-Resolution Using Dictionaries and Self-Similarity  Gaurav G. Bhosale; Ajinkya S. Deshmukh;Swarup Medasani; Ravindra Dhuli 


Lemonade Break, 23/7/14, 5.30pm - 6.00pm


Felicitation Program for Prof. V. U. Reddy: 23/7/14, 6.00-6.45pm


Dinner at Guest House Lawn (7.30 PM)




Compressed Sensing - I (Theory) 24/7/14, 9.00-10.30am, JNT


 9.00-9.25 1569959683   A Correctness Result for Online Sparse + Low-Rank Matrix Recovery Brian Lois; Namrata Vaswani
9.25-9.50 1569962015 Communication and Compression Via Sparse Linear Regression Ramji Venkataramanan
9.50-10.10 1569892967 Supervised Dictionary Learning for Signals From Union of Subspaces Sandeep P; Tony Jacob
10.10-10.30 1569889633 Compressed Sensing Recovery Using Polynomial Approximated L0 Minimization of Signal and Error Vivekanand V; Vidya Laila


Sensor selection, placement, and data fusion 24/7/14, 9.00-10.30am, Hall A



1569960451 Sensor Selection for Estimation, Filtering, and Detection Sundeep Prabhakar Chepuri; Geert Leus
9.25-9.50 1569971789 Towards Automated Selection of Data Fusion Techniques Krithika Venkataramani; Shashwat Mishra; Lovish Kumar
9.50-10.10 1569888327 Near-Field Source Localization Using Sparse Recovery Techniques Keke Hu; Sundeep Prabhakar Chepuri;  Geert Leus
10.10-10.30 1569883077 Removing Sampling Bias in Networked Stochastic Approximation Vivek Borkar; Raaz Dwivedi


Interference Management 24/7/14, 9.00-10.30am, Hall B



1569961421 User Selection in MIMO Broadcast Interfering Channels Ajit K. Chaturvedi; Gaurav Gupta
9.25-9.50 1569961637 Asymptotic Mutual Information of MIMO Links in Wireless Networks with Interferers At Correlated Positions Siddhartan Govindasamy
9.50-10.10 1569900115 Adaptive Transmission Strategies to Maximize Packet Throughput of Cognitive Radio Under Primary User Queue Stability Constraint Kedar Prakash Kulkarni; Adrish Banerjee
10.10-10.30 1569899323 Interference Analysis of Subband Allocation for Femtocells in Fractional Frequency Reuse Based OFDMA Networks Sam Darshi; Ratnajit Bhattacharjee


Signal Processing Algorithms and Architectures 24/7/2014, 9.00-10.30am, Hall C


9.00-­9.20 1569885059 On the Concept of Intrinsic Wavelet Functions Anubha Gupta; Shiv Dutt Joshi
9.20-9.40 1569888525 HEVC Video Encoder & Decoder Architecture for Multi-Cores Mihir N Mody
9.40-10.00 1569899179 Design of Two-Channel Linear Phase Biorthogonal Wavelet Filter Banks Via Convex Optimization Manish Sharma; Tarwar Singh Savner; Dinesh Bhati; Vikram M. Gadre
10.00-10.20 1569887325 Adaptive Gauss Hermite Filter for Parameter Varying Nonlinear Systems Aritro Dey; Smita Sadhu; Tapan Ghoshal


Coffee Break, 24/7/14, 10.30-11.00am


Coding Theory 24/7/14, 11.00am - 1.00pm, JNT



1569938891 Failure Analysis of Two-Bit Flipping Decoding Algorithms Bane Vasić; Dung Nguyen
11.25-11.50 1569961905 Braided Convolutional Codes - A Class of Spatially Coupled Turbo-Like Codes Michael Lentmaier; Saeedeh Moloudi; Alexandre Graell i Amat
11.50-­12.15 1569962457 A Summary of Some Results on the Application of Lattice Codes to Physical Layer Network Coding Krishna Narayanan
12.15-­12.40 1569959425 On Asymmetric Insertion and Deletion Errors Ankur A. Kulkarni
12.40-­1.00 1569892973 Power Allocation in MIMO Wiretap Channel with Statistical CSI and Finite-Alphabet Input Sanjay Vishwakarma; A. Chockalingam



Cognitive Radio 24/7/14, 11.00am - 1.00pm, Hall A



1569900125 On the Effect of Primary User Traffic on Secondary Throughput and Outage Probability Under Rayleigh Flat Fading Channel Sanket Sanjay Kalamkar; Adrish Banerjee
11.20-11.40 1569897507 On Optimal Relay Power Allocation in Energy Efficient Cognitive Radio Networks Subhankar Chatterjee; Santi Prasad Maity;Tamaghna Acharya
11.40-12.00 1569901735 Multi-dimensional Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Spectrum Sensing Based on Stochastic Distances Sanjeev Gurugopinath
12.00-12.20 1569901769 Near-Optimal Detection Thresholds for Bayesian Spectrum Sensing Under Fading Sanjeev Gurugopinath
12.20-12.40 1569894017 On Optimal Power Allocation and Relay Assignment in Multiuser Cognitive Radio Networks Priyadarshi Mukherjee; Sreya Mukherjee;Santi Prasad Maity; Tamaghna Acharya
12.40-13.00 1569899709 Two Level Precoding Scheme for Out of Band Radiation Reduction in Multiuser OFDM Based Cognitive Radio Anuradha Pandey; Muneer P; Sameer Saheerudeen Mohammed


Sensor Networks 24/7/14, 11.00am - 1.00pm, Hall B


11.00-11.20 1569888381 QoS Constrained Optimal Sink and Relay Placement in Planned Wireless Sensor Networks Abhijit Bhattacharyya; Akhila Rao; Kolar Purushothama Naveen; Nishanth Parameshwar; Anand S. v. r.; Anurag Kumar
11.20-11.40 1569888949 Joint Optimization of SINR and Power Allocation to Relays in Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks Mukesh Singh; Naren Naik; Govind Sharma
11.40-12.00 1569893617 An Approach to Improved Energy Efficient Hybrid Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks Ananya Patra; Sonali Chouhan
12.00-12.20 1569894705 Lifetime Enhancement in Sparse Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks Using Mobile Elements Jalaja M Janardanan Kartha; Lillykutty Jacob
12.20-12.40 1569889973 As-You-Go Deployment of a 2-Connected Wireless Relay Network for Sensor-Sink Interconnection Avishek Ghosh; Arpan Chattopadhyay; Anish Arora; Anurag Kumar
12.40-1.00 1569896827 An Adaptive Anchor Navigation Algorithm for Localization in MANET Sudhir Kumar; Shriman N Tiwari; Rajesh M Hegde


Image Processing 24/7/14, 11.00am - 1.00pm, Hall C



1569893677 Image Denoising Using Ridgelet Transform in a Collaborative Filtering Framework Santosh Kumar Yadav; Rohit Sinha; Prabin Kumar Bora
11.20-11.40 1569899491 Joint Bilateral Filtering Based Non-local Means Image Denoising Nirmal Jith O U; Venkatesh Babu Radhakrishnan
11.40-12.00 1569893137 Fast Denoising for Fluorescence Image Sequences in a Nonlocal Means Framework Hemalata Bhujle; Anita Gupta
12.00-12.20 1569900083 Entropy Constrained Exemplar-based Image Inpainting Suraj Vantigodi; Venkatesh Babu Radhakrishnan
12.20-12.40 1569888337 Significance of Epoch Identification Accuracy for Prosody Modification Nagaraj Adiga; Govind D; S. R. Mahadeva Prasanna
12.40-13.00 1569887591 Bilateral Symmetry Based Approach for Joint Detection of Landmarks in Retinal Images Ayush Tewari; Dhwanit Gupta; Jayanthi Sivaswamy


Lunch, 24/7/14, 1.00-2.30pm


Plenary 24/7/14, 2.30 - 3.30pm: JNT: Gregory Wornell, MIT



Coffee Break, 24/7/14, 3.30-4.00pm


Poster Session 2: 24/7/14, 4.00 - 5.30pm


  1569898779  Sparse Representation Based Anomaly Detection Using HOMV in H.264 Compressed Videos Sovan Biswas; Venkatesh Babu Radhakrishnan 
  1569900425 A Fast Color Constancy Scheme for Automobile Video Cameras Hrushikesh Garud; Uday Kiran; Kumar Desappan; Soyeb N Nagori 
 1569887039  A Novel Content-based Adaptive Scalability Mode Selection for Scalable Video Coding Ankit A Bhurane; Dushyanth Nutulapati; Vikram M. Gadre 
 1569899689 A Hybrid Algorithm for Disparity Calculation From Sparse Disparity Estimates Based on Stereo Vision Subhayan Mukherjee; Ram Guddeti 
  1569893093  Selection of Secondary Users for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks Using Discrete Stochastic Optimization  Laxminarayana Pillutla; Sagar Ahir; Nirav Patel 
  1569899423  Multiple User Pair Scheduling in TWR-FSO Systems in Presence of Building Sway Parul Puri; Parul Garg; Mona Aggarwal;Prabhat Kumar Sharma 
 1569886943  4x4 Optical Data Vortex Switch Fabric: Component Reliability Analysis  Vinod Chandra; Sangeetha Rengachari Gopalan; Devi Chadha


Social Program 24/7/14, 6.00pm


Dinner at Guest House Lawn (7.30 PM)




Heterogeneous Networks 25/7/14, 9.00am - 10.30am, JNT


 9.00-­9.25 1569959109  Signal Processing in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks  Neelakandan Rajmohan; Arun Pachai Kannu


Pricing and Power Allocation in Femtocells Using Stackelberg Game Theory Vadingadu Udaya Sankar; Vinod Sharma
9.50-10.10 1569893261 Deployment Considerations for Mobile Data Offloading in LTE-Femtocell Networks Soumen Mitra; Srinjoy Chatterjee; Suvra Sekhar Das


Optimal Threshold Velocity in Heterogenous Networks Priyanshu Shah; Veeraruna Kavitha; Abhay Karandikar


Topics in SP and Comm 25/7/14, 9.00-10.30am, Hall A


9.00-­9.25 1569970961   "Defective" Logic: Using Spatiotemporal Patterns in Coupled Relaxation Oscillator Arrays for Computation  Sitabhra Sinha; Shakti Menon
9.25-­9.50 1569971667  FAST TCP: Some Queueing Models and Stability  Sreelakshmi Manjunath; Gaurav Raina
9.50-10.10 1569899835   Computer Assisted Analysis of Axonal Transport Velocities From Kymographs  Alka Nair; Shikha Ahlawat; Sandhya Koushika; Joshi Niranjan; Mohanasankar Sivaprakasam
10.10-10.30 1569893917   Fusing the Navigation Information of Dual Foot-Mounted Zero-Velocity-Update-Aided Inertial Navigation Systems  Girisha R; Gv Prateek; K. v. s. Hari; Peter Händel


RF/VLSI for SP & Comm 25/7/14, 9.00-10.30am, Hall B


 9.00-9.20  1569891393  Integrated Layout Optimized High-Q Inductors on High-Resistivity SOI Substrates for RF Front-end Modules  Venkata Narayana Vanukuru; Anjan Chakravorty
9.20-9.40 1569891403 Miniaturized Millimeter-Wave Narrow Bandpass Filter in 0.18 Um CMOS Technology Using Spiral Inductors and Inter Digital Capacitors Venkata Narayana Vanukuru; Anjan Chakravorty; Nagasatish Godavarthi
9.40-10.00 1569887965 A Novel Super Wideband Notched Printed Trapezoidal Monopole Antenna with Triangular Tapered Feedline Murli Manohar; Usha Nemani; Rakhesh Kshetrimayum; Anup Gogoi
10.00-10.20 1569888493 Studies on the Gain Characteristics of 2-4.8 GHz Double Ridged Horn Lingasamy Veluchamy; Venkatesan V; Krishnasamy Selvan; Sreenivasan M; Balakrishna Islavath


Character Recognition 25/7/14, 9.00-10.20am, Hall C


 9.00-9.20  1569896053  Improved Recognition of Aged Kannada Documents by Effective Segmentation of Merged Characters  Madhavaraj A; Shiva Kumar H. R.; Ramakrishnan G A; Nagaraj Bhat
9.20-9.40 1569901407 Recognition of Open Vocabulary, Online Handwritten Pages in Tamil Script Bhargava Urala; Ramakrishnan G A; Sahil Mohamed
9.40-10.00 1569894061 Inter-point Envelope Based Distance Moments for Offline Signature Verification Manoj Kumar; Niladri Puhan
10.00-10.20 1569899749 Non-redundant Stockwell Transform Based Feature Extraction for Handwritten Digit Recognition Kalyan S. Dash; Ganapati Panda; Niladri Puhan


Coffee Break, 25/7/14, 10.30-11.00am


Compressed Sensing - II (Signal Processing) 25/7/14, 11.00am - 12.55pm, JNT


11.00 -11.25 1569959713   Compressive Estimation: a New Theory and Its Application to mm Wave Massive MIMO Upamanyu Madhow; Dinesh Ramasamy;  Sriram Venkateswaran
11.25 -­11.50 1569962115 Sparse Inverse Covariance Estimation for a Million Variables Inderjit Dhillon
11.50 -­12.15 1569961975 Tracking a Low-Dimensional Vector Via Quantized Measurements or Pairwise Comparisons Mark Davenport
12.15 ‐12.35 1569889603 MFSK Using Non-Orthogonal Tones Aniruddha Das; Bhaskar Rao
12.35 -­12.55 1569912421 Analysis of RBF Cascade Network for Sparse Signal Recovery and Application in Telemetry Vivekanand V; Vidya Laila


System Design 25/7/14, 11.00am - 12.55pm, Hall A


11.00 -11.25  1569962023  Distributed Control Techniques for Demand Response in the Smart Grid Raghuraman Mudumbai; Soura Dasgupta
11.25 -­11.50 1569961791 Adaptive Rate Selection in LTE Networks Using Statistical Learning Algorithms Sheetal Kalyani
11.50 -­12.15 1569960449 SIM+: A Simulator for Full Duplex Communication Wenjie Zhou; Kannan Srinivasan
12.15 ‐12.35 1569896501 Finite State Markov Chain Modelling of IEEE TGn Channels for Packet Level Simulators Soumendra Nath Datta; Sowjanya Vankayalapati; Atanu Guchhait; Shekar Nethi; Sushanth Gajanan; Yong Seok Park; Dae Kyu Choi; Sang Jun Moon
12.35 -­12.55 1569900497 Efficient Low Complexity Power Allocation Policies for Wireless Communication Systems Guaranteeing QoS Satya Kumar V; Vinod Sharma


Fundamental Limits 25/7/2014, 11.00am - 12.55pm, Hall B


11.00 -­11.25 1569955713 An Optimal Varentropy Bound for Log-Concave Distributions Mokshay Madiman; Liyao Wang
11.25 -­11.50 1569962317 Error Probability and Hypothesis Testing Albert Guillén i Fàbregas
11.50 -­12.15 1569959269 Information-Friction in Noisy Computing: Fundamental Limits on Energy Consumed Pulkit Grover
12.15 ‐12.35 1569899973 A New Approach to Near-Theoretical Sampling Rate for Modulated Wideband Converter Abhijith Varma Salva; Kmm Prabhu
12.35 -­12.55 1569899917 Event-triggered Sampling and Reconstruction of Sparse Real-valued Trigonometric Polynomials Neeraj Sharma; Thippur V. Sreenivas


Signal Processing for Communications 25/7/14, 11.00am - 1.00pm, Hall C


11.00 -11.20  1569899697  Robust Channel Estimation for 802.11n (MIMO-OFDM) Systems Raghu Ganesan; Sarma Gunturi
11.20 -­11.40 1569887605 Cyclostationary Spectrum Sensing for OFDM Signals in the Presence of Cyclic Frequency Offset Ribhu Chopra; Debashis Ghosh; Daljit Kumar Mehra
11.40 -­12.00 1569899813 An Improved Technique to Reduce Peak to Average Power Ratio in OFDM Systems Using Gold/Hadamard Codes with Selective Mapping Namitha Sivadas; Sameer Saheerudeen Mohammed
12.00 -­12.20 1569898457 ML Estimation Using Low Complexity Metaheuristic Algorithms Thafasal Ijyas; Sameer Saheerudeen Mohammed
12.20 -­12.40 1569901387 An Upper Bound on the Performance of K-best Detection for MIMO Systems Abhay Sah; Ajit K. Chaturvedi
12.40 -­13.00 1569894203 An Algorithm for Blind Symbol Rate Detection Using Second Order Cyclostationarity Gaurav Jyoti Phukan; Prabin Kumar Bora


Lunch, 25/7/14, 1.00-2.30PM


Plenary 25/7/14, 2.30 - 3.30pm: JNT: Wei Yu, U. of Toronto



Coffee Break, 25/7/14, 3.30-4.00PM: CONFERENCE ENDS