R&D Projects (Ongoing)

CyPhyS+ - Building a Cyber Physical System for Healthcare Applications over a Managed 6LoWPAN network using wearable devices
( DeitY Funded Project )

          With large demand of continuous health monitoring rising daily in the field medicine and healthcare, the facilities being deprived for remote old age home, the purpose of this project is in continuous health monitoring of the patients in need. It uses wearable sensors to collect the data, transmit them over the reliable and efficient 6LoWPAN network and process them in the host server. The design of the system is in a way that the confidentiality of patient's medical and personal data are also been taken care with a GUI and a privilege enabled database maintenance.
Project Home : (Under construction).

SmartConnect - A System for Design and Deployment of Wireless Mesh Relay Networks for Industrial Sensor Networking
(DIT-ASTeC Wireless Sensor Networks Project)

          The purpose of this project is to develop networking, control and signal processing algorithms for wireless sensor networks for  
          industrial monitoring applications.  The design would be such that with some it would be useful in a variety of applications,
          electrical  power  distribution switch-yard monitoring, monitoring of industrial processes and plants, and other
          similar industrial applications.

SmartConnect is a system that addresses the growing need for connecting industrial sensors to a control centre by means of a multihop wireless relay network. Given the locations of the sensors, the traffic that each sensor generates, the quality of service (QoS) requirements, and (in SmartConnect 1.0) the potential locations at which relays can be placed, SmartConnect is a tool developed for design and deployment of a low-cost wireless relay network. An overview of the project can be found here.

6PANview - A Network Monitoring System for the "Internet of Things"
(DIT Funded Project)

Wireless Sensor Networks are deployed in various environments such as agriculture, health-care, industry etc. These WSNs work on battery-operated devices, and are expected to work autonomously for many months in harsh, and unattended environments. Despite sophisticated algorithms and protocol implementations, many factors like isolated and mass node failures, unpredictable wireless channel outages, battery depletion, and software failures can adversely effect proper functioning of a WSN. WSN monitoring therefore becomes essential to ensure proper functioning of the WSN and enhance its performance and lifetime of the network.

6PANview is a WSN monitoring system that enables one to monitor and manage a remotely deployed 6LoWPAN based WSN from anywhere on the Internet.

Software is also hosted at SourceForge :                

ADWISER - A Centralised WLAN Controller for  Performance Management of IEEE 802.11 WLANs
(DIT Funded Project)

With large proliferation of 802.11 based hotspots and enterprise-wide WLANs, and the diverse nature of the applications such as voice/video/data, it is important to provide the required QoS guarantees for these applications over the precious wireless channel.

ADWISER is aimed to accomplish a set of performance objectives over WLANs. These include i) handling WLAN performance issues such as uplink/downlink unfairness, mutil-rate unfairness, LAN/WAN unfairness  ii) providing policy based QoS, iii) enhanced power saving iv) channel allocation v) efficient client-AP association vi) seamless hand-off vii) call admission control  and so on.

Project Home :

Seamo -  Seamless Handoffs across Heterogeneous Wireless Access Networks
(DIT Funded Project)

Wi-Fi is ubiquitous, 3G is being widely deployed and 4G technologies are emerging. It is therefore necessary to provide a mobile user with a capability to roam across these technologies using seamless hand-offs. This necessitates efficient hand-off schemes that provide timely and an appropriate hand-off decision.

SeaMo is an implementation of seamless handoffs across heterogeneous wireless access networks. It is developed on Linux and uses NetworkManager for a few of its chores. SeaMo uses a fuzzy logic based decision algorithm to decide when to handoff.

Project Home :

R&D Projects (Recently Completed)

SmartDetect - WSN Architecture and Implementation for Intrusion Detection
(DRDO Funded Project)

        The ojective of the project is to build a WSN system for detecting human intrusion into secure areas, with applications in border
         suveilliance and perimeter fencing.

         SmartDetect is an architecture, a suite of algorithms for signal processing and networking, and implementation of these over the
         TinyOS environment on commercial off-the-shelf "motes".


R&D Projects (Older)


NetEra-BM is a system for traffic monitoring and bandwidth management of the Internet access links to provide Quality of Service to a campus or an enterprise. ISPs can use NetEra-BM for giving bandwdith assurances to their customers. 

Instruction on Demand (IOD)
(DIT Funded Project)

Instruction-on-Demand (IOD) is a system for preparing and delivering on-line and stored lectures over TCP/IP internetworks.

Project Home :

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