Faculty - Recent Publications

Ambarish Ghosh

  • Arijit Ghosh, Debadrita Paria, Govindan Rangarajan and Ambarish Ghosh, "1. Velocity Fluctuations in Helical Propulsion: How Small Can a Propeller Be", accepted for publication in Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, Vol: 5, pp: 62-68, 2014
  • P. L. Venugopalan, G. Gupta, A. Ghosh, J. H. Singh, G. Nair and Ambarish Ghosh, ". Study of the formation of a connected network of colloidal particles", accepted for publication in International Journal of Polymeric Materials , 2013
  • Pranay Mandal and Ambarish Ghosh, "2. Observation of Enhanced Diffusivity in Magnetically Powered Reciprocal Swimmers", accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. Lett, Vol: 111, pp: 248101 , 2013
  • Rajitha P. Rajan and Ambarish Ghosh, "Enhancement of circular differential deflection of light in an optically active medium", accepted for publication in Optics Letters, Vol: 37(7), , pp: 1232-1234 , 2012
  • V. Vadakkumbatt, E. Joseph, A. Pal and A. Ghosh, "Surface instability and possible generation of multielectron bubbles under pulsed electric fields", accepted for publication in Journal of Low Temperature Physics , Vol: 10.1007, pp: 10909-012-0698-0), 2012