Faculty - Recent Publications

Manoj Varma

  • N. Kumawat, M. M. Varma,, "Differential Reflectance Modulation Sensing with Diffractive Microstructures", accepted for publication in Applied Physics Letters, Vol: 101, pp: 191103, 2012
  • G. R. Prashanth, V. S. Goudar, S. Suran, A. M. Raichur, M. M. Varma, "Non-covalent functionalization using lithographically patterned polyelectrolyte multilayers for high-density microarrays", accepted for publication in Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Vol: 172, pp: 315, 2012
  • Goudar, V. S.; Suran, S.; Varma, M. M, "Photoresist functionalisation method for high-density protein microarrays using photolithography", accepted for publication in Micro & Nano Letters, Vol: 7, pp: 549, 2012