Faculty - Recent Publications

Rajesh Sundaresan

  • S.Krishnaswamy, Akhil P.T., A.Arapostathis, S.Shakkottai, R.Sundaresan, "Augmenting max-weight with explicit learning for wireless scheduling with switching costs", accepted for publication in Proceedings of the IEEE INFOCOM 2017, Atlanta, GA, USA, 2017
  • D.Thirumulanathan, R.Sundaresan, Narahari.Y, "Optimal mechanism for selling two items to a single buyer having uniformly distributed valuations", accepted for publication in WINE 2016, The Twelfth Conference on Web and Internet Economics, Montreal, Canada, 2016
  • S.Ramachandran, C.Singh, S.V.R.Anand, M.Hegde, A.Kumar, R.Sundaresan, "Neighbor oblivious and finite-state algorithms for circumventing local minima in geographic forwarding", accepted for publication in Ad Hoc Networks, Vol: 50, pp: 1-12, 2016
  • A.Bora, V.S.Borkar, D.Garg, R.Sundaresan, "Edge conductance estimation using MCMC", accepted for publication in Proceedings of the 54th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, Allerton, USA, 2016
  • E.Altman, M.K.Hanawal, R.Sundaresan, "Generalising diagonal strict concavity property for uniqueness of Nash equilibrium", accepted for publication in Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol: 42-2, pp: 213-228, 2016