Faculty - Recent Publications


  • Dasan, Meena, Sarath Thodiyil, Fredy Francis, Dipin Elambilayi, and Srinivas Talabattula, "An investigation on transient effects in EDFA with variable duty cycle and wavelength multiplexed signals", accepted for publication in Microwave and Optical Technology Letters , Vol: 57, pp: 352-356, 2015
  • Meena, Dasan, et al, "A Geometrical Model for Arrayed Waveguide Grating based Optical Multiplexer/Demultiplexer", accepted for publication in Progress In Electromagnetics Research , Vol: 35, pp: 87-96, 2014
  • Shenoy, Akshata, R. Srikanth, and T. Srinivas, "Counterfactual quantum certificate authorization", accepted for publication in Physical Review, Vol: 89.5 , pp: 052307, 2014
  • Prasad, Kodigenahalli R. Yogesh, Srinivas Talabattula, and D. Venkata Ramana, "Design and analysis of integrated optic quadrature phase shift keying modulator", accepted for publication in Optical Engineering, Vol: 53, pp: 015104-015104, 2014
  • Shenoy, H. Akshata, R. Srikanth, and T. Srinivas, "Semi-counterfactual cryptography", accepted for publication in EPL (Europhysics Letters) , Vol: 103.6, pp: 60008, 2013