Faculty - Recent Publications


  • Rakshith Rajashekar, K.V.S. Hari, Lajos Hanzo, " Quantifying the Transmit Diversity Order of Euclidean Distance Based Antenna Selection in Spatial Modulation", accepted for publication in IEEE Signal Processing Letters, Vol: 22(9), pp: 1434 - 1437, 2015
  • Amit Dutta, K.V.S. Hari and Lajos Hanzo, "Minimum-Error-Probability CFO Estimation for Muti-User MIMO OFDM Systems", accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technlogy, Vol: 64(7), pp: 2804-2818, 2015
  • Sooraj K Ambat, K.V.S. Hari , "An iterative framework for sparse signal reconstruction algorithms", accepted for publication in EURASIP Signal Processing, Vol: 108, pp: 351-364, 2015
  • Sooraj K. Ambat, Shree Ranga Raju N.M. and K.V.S. Hari, "Gini Index based Search Space Selection in Compressive Sampling Matching Pursuit", accepted for publication in IEEE INDICON 2014, Pune, India., 2014
  • Dinesh Dileep Gaurav and K.V.S. Hari, "An Eigen Approach to Transmit Beamforming in Wireless Networks with Single Antenna Receivers", accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Vol: 13(11), pp: 6431-6443, 2014