Faculty - Recent Publications


  • KG Deepa, SK Ambat, K.V.S. Hari, "Fusion of sparse reconstruction algorithms for multiple measurement vectors ", accepted for publication in Sādhanā , Vol: 41(11), pp: 1275-1287, 2016
  • Amit Dutta, K.V.S. Hari, Lajos Hanzo, Chandra Murthy, Neelesh Mehta, " Minimum Error Probability MIMO-Aided Relaying: Multi-Hop, Parallel and Cognitive Designs", accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Vol: 99, pp: 1-4, 2016
  • Ping Yang, Yue Xiao, Yong Liang Guan, K. V. S. Hari, A. Chockalingam, Shinya Sugiura, Harald Haas, Marco Di Renzo, Christos Masouros, Zilong Liu, Lixia Xiao, Shaoqian Li, Lajos Hanzo, "Single-carrier spatial modulation: A promising design for large-scale broadband antenna systems ", accepted for publication in IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, Vol: 18(3), pp: 1687-1716, 2016
  • KG Deepa, Sooraj K Ambat, KVS Hari, "Fusion of algorithms for multiple measurement vectors", accepted for publication in 2016 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2016
  • K. Upadhya, C. S. Seelamantula, K.V.S. Hari, "A risk minimization framework for channel estimation in OFDM systems", accepted for publication in Signal Processing , Vol: 128, pp: 78-87, 2016