The Ph.D programme leads the student to gain advanced knowledge and research experience in a particular field of study. The principal component of the programme is a dissertation based on original research. The student is associated with one or more research advisors.

Students are required to complete as part of the Research Training Programme (RTP), a specified number of courses, in consultation with their advisors. Following the RTP, the student is expected to clear a comprehensive examination (comprising a seminar and oral questions on the RTP). In addition to acquiring knowledge in a broad area, students in the Ph.D programme, through coursework, reading peer-reviewed research articles, and seminars, develop an advanced understanding in a field of study, and perform original research, which generally leads to peer-reviewed publications.

The number of credits of coursework to be registered for as part of the Research Training Programme is based on the qualification of the student as follows.

ME/MTech/MTech (Res) or equivalent qualification 12 credits
BE/B Tech/M.Sc or equivalent qualification 24 credits
Transfer from MTech to PhD(with in two term) 24 credits
Transfer from MTech (Res) to PhD (within two term) (MTech (Res) 12 credits, additional 12 credits) 24 credits
Continuation after submitting MTech (Research) thesis 12 credits
Continuation M Tech to PhD after the award of degree 12credits


The Department of ECE (in collaboration with various Sponsors and Departments) also offers fellowships to bright students. A PhD candidate can apply for these after being admitted to the PhD programme. The prominent ones include:

  • Visvesvaraya PhD SchemeNEW: click here for advertisement leaflet. The details are as follows (subject to confirmation from DeitY): Scholarship of Rs 31,250 per month for first two years, followed by Rs 35,000 per month for next three years. A 30% HRA on the abovementioned amount is available to candidates who do not reside in the campus. Apart from the above fellowship and HRA, there are allowances for contigency expenses and some support towards international conference travel. This scholarship will be 25% higher than the existing MHRD scholarship.
  • TCS PhD fellowship: click here for details.
  • IBM PhD fellowship: click here for details.  
  • MSR PhD fellowshipclick here for details.